Tuesday, February 22, 2011

do you lilac it?

Opi Do you Lilac it? another pruple wahh wahh. but isn't it pretty. actually now that i think about it i think i wore this color on my second post. haha

These whittle nails are Katie's. HI Katie! i cant help it that anyone who comes over i ask to paint there nails. I am just really in love with this Le 54. i think its so pretty and works really well with any purple. i think i might try it with some blues too. already got some ideas a brewingg.

i love this combo! but alas i lovee purples!!!! there my favorite. Its snowing here, again. Im so done with snow. im also really done with the cold, my skin is sooo dry like alligator skin dry:( Im ready for spring. Yesterday i tryed the dollar tree thats like 2 towns over. cuz i would love to find one of those sally nail prisms, the rainbow in evey bottle ones. hahah. but no luck. wasted mission. dont forget about my give away! i am so exited i have 8 folowers!(b/c one is me, it was just so lonley, so i followed myself. dont judge me) woo woo i honestly never thought i would even get one! so im pretty exited thanks everyone wink wink katie and millie ♥

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