Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm Gonna Murder you.....

HAHAHA just kidding! The polish's name is Matte is murder, from man glaze. which is located out of chi-town. i thought that was pretty cool.

I was not in to the mattes at first. i just didn't think they were anything special. Boy, was i wrong! This polish is so pretty. I was hooked. I know my camera sucks and you cant see this amazing multi-colored sparkle it has. But its there and its gorg! I also love the art work on the bottles. it gives it a special touch that i don't think any other nail polish has.. I also picked up mayo, hot mess, and fuggen ugly. I haven't worn any of them yet. but im sure they are great, considering all the swatches I've seen. So thank you Man Glaze for showing me the matte light!

Monday, March 28, 2011

More crackle....

I really wanted to love this! China glaze in the lime light, 3 coats i would have done 4 but i knew i was gonna add lighting bolt. As you can see it stilll had some bald spots. if i was goning to wear this alone i would have done one more coat. I think i might like it better when i have a lil bit of a tan.

I added lighting bolt to the top. Disappointment. I just didn't like it. I'm not sure what i hate about it, but i just do. my fiance liked it. i think i just dont like the way it shattered. I wanted more of the green to show through the crackles. This was a semi-thick coat. maybe i need to do super thin coats for that. I dunno. What do you guys think?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Starfish Patrick

hahaha, I thought this was funny. I never really got into the whole sponge Bob thing.

This is 3 coats of starfish patrick, and were in love. I normally hate VNL, but i give him a pass because he is peachy-orngeish greatness. When i first saw the sponge bob collection that RBL had out i only wanted purple haze and bikini bottom. both sold out. So I just skipped it, but as my love for nail polish has gotten out of control. I have opened my mind to colors I wouldn't normally go for. I had been lemming it for a few months and put starfish Patrick in and out of my cart a few times on the RBL website. When I spend 18$ on a nail polish I wanna know I reallly want it/love it. Then out of sheer luck Scandalous posted it in her blog sale and i ended up getting it at half the price. How amazing is that!!!!Thank you so much!!! And Square pants, i got my eye on you next. :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Laser Lime

I stalked the near by Sally's for the Tronica release! I called every other day. What can i say, I needed these with a passion! let me let you Sallys, That you need nicer employees. ON THE REAL. i got some snotty ass B's that gave me an attitude, but that off the point. I got really lucky and called the day they put them out. So i did what any nail polish addict would do. I packed my crew(the kids) up and drove there!

i don't know what it was about this greenish-yellow-yellow green Holo that i just love, who am i kidding i love green. its probably my favorite color for alot. including nail polish. i knew i had to get this on my fingas ASAP! My room growing up at my moms house was green and purple. i had this really pretty wall paper. so i kinda thought in my head oh maybe Fault line would look cool as an accent nail. Yeahhh, i dont love it but i do love laser lime. I did get almost all of the tron's exept the gold one...i have to pale of skin for most golds. plus i just don't like it. I cant wait till summers here and i can wear these and do it some justice.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Royal Velvet

I saw the press release for the orly spring collections and was it was just mehhh. Nothing wowed me. Till i went to ulta and saw them in person. I knew i had to have Royal velvet! The purple-blue duo-chrome was calling to me!

Sorry for the shadows in my pics. I LA LA LA LA LOVE this. it was so pretty i got so many complements on it. I also got Fancy Fuchsia. I adore this dark purpleesk-blue. it flashes bluish in the sun. Although i dont exactly think spring on this one, i do still love it. I really love the fact that you can see the color in low light and it doesn't just look black. don't get me wrong its dark, but not black.

I got my computer back woo woo *happy dance*!!!! i just wanted to point out that this is my 50th post. I never thought i would make it this far. I have 32 followers and that just blows my mind! i wanna say thank you to everyone and who keeps encouraging me! wink wink Millie! i think i'll do something special on my 100th post, i know this is nothing compared to the amazing women's nail-polish blogs i read, but its still something special to me! I'm a work in progress, but again Thank You everyone of you!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

All I Do is win win win no matter what......

Dun Dun DUN...The winner is.....Deborah

i emailed her and let her know that she won. I'm soo sorry this is so late, this whole no computer thing realllly sucks! i will be back to my regular posting once its back i promise! she has 2 days to email me back, and if not then my 3 year old will pick another winner.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

so sorry

My Mac is in the shop :(So i really cant post anything good because all my pictures are on that! My boyfriend is so kindly letting me use his computer to do this post. I didn't want you guys to think i forgot about you!I'll be back as soon as i can, and to announce the giveaway winner!!


Friday, March 11, 2011

"Di di mau" (pronounced "diddy mow") is Vietnamese for "go, go quickly" or "get out of here".

I just googled diddy mow to see what would come up, and ^^that is one of the things that came up, i thought it was pretty cool title. Im a nerd.

Diddy Mow....I really enjoy those weird/ugly colors. Not that i think Diddy mow is ugly, actually i think its Gorgeous! It's got this secret shimmer and the armyesk green color just woooed me, and it applied so well! Winner winner chicken dinner!

My camera would not pick up the shimmer, but its still AU-MAZING. i promise.

i bought this in November when RBL had the 50% sale. I also got pepto pink, under the stars, Recycle, and Stormy. I hope she does the sale again b/c there are some other ones that i want, and its just such a steal. Even thou i missed out on bikini Bottom. I also pre ordered 2 of the spring colors Iconoclast and Insouciant, which i am super pumped about! but thats getting off topic...ohhh diddy, i really do love you. I believe im going to bust you out more this spring i promise. i don't know what it is about RBL, i just really love some of the colors. This one just does it for me. its almost like a dusty olive. i am terrible at describing colors.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Come on ride the train hey, ride it, woo woo"

I am not a huge fan of yellow nail polish on me it just looks dirty. However I have really pale skin. OPI Fiercely Fiona Is one of the only yellows i own, the other is a sally hansen one i got for christmas. I actually didn't think it was that bad. It was not streaky at all, 2 easy coats.In the summer with a lil tan. It could work. But i had plans for this mani! Oh yes i had BIg plans. :)

i LOVE this. i cant express to you how much i love this. Its Cracked Concrete over FF. i like yellow and gray together. In pretty much anything cloths, socks, pillows paint. haha you get the drift I like yellow and gray. I have a really cute cardigan from express that is neon yellow and gray. Love it!

Off topic: I Had went to my sally and asked the girl if they were gonna get the crackles in. She told me probably not, but to call on march first. I asked if she could call me when they came in or put me on a list, she said no they don't do that. Ok fine. So i got a coupon and went in the middle of February and bam there was the crackle display completely effin EMPTY! UM excuse me! i was reallllly irritated. So i called 2 ultas from the car to see if they had them in. Hallelujah, I found them all! Either way my sally's is annoying this is not the only time they pulled this crap-ola either.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

some blue spam for ya.....

I just thought i'd spam you with some blue polishes i love! On the nails of some people i love! Katie and Niki

Opi Orgre the top blue. love it! its bright its blue, whats not to love!

I dunno how well you can see it, but this is Opi Catch me in your net. I found this color at a nail salon and had to have it. This was my staple color this past summer, I wore it alot! Its just an amazing shimmer/glitter. I also put this on my baby girl's toes.

This is DL Across the Universe. I adore this polish! its ike your swimming in a dark blue ocean with pices of green and lighter blue hex glitters floating around. My camera wouldnt not pick up the awesomeness of this nail polish.

last but not least Milani Blue flash. Its really pretty, really gritty Bluish/silvery glitter. I was in a straight mission to find all of these! I ended up with all of em but the red.My meyer just didn't have it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Borghese Menta FAIL

I picked this up from ulta a while ago on a whim. I liked the minty green color i kind of have a weakness for greens, and i didnt have any Borghese polishes.

i am not gonna lie. This application suckkked! This is 3 coats and there are bald spots left and right. i just couldn't handle it. I took it off right after the pictures. I should have waited longer between coats, So Its probably just user error. I might give this one another chance, because i really love this color, and i paid 8 bucks! Maybe next time no base coat? I know its suppose to be all in one, but i get nervous with no base coat.

I also received so much nail mail over the weekend! I ordered some Nfu-Oh's, Manglaze, Scandalous Blog sale stuff, and i also got the giveaway stuff i won!!(thanks again, A polished life). Woo im so exited. Getting nail mail just brightens your day! :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shimmer & Simmer

I have had this in my blue drawer for a while. I actually only bought this one b/c it was on sale. Shame on me! This polish is sooo pretty and blingy! i love glitter!!!

Im sorry about the tip wear/ shrinkage, my Sv top coat does not play well with chunky glitters at all! Either way thou, this polish is a winner in my book. So pretty! i took alotta pics! i couldnt help myself! Click to enlarge to see the real Bling-bling

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Glitter in the air

Long post and pic heavy

heres the bottle pic that i sent you millie! hahah i was sooo exited to get it. I had called ahead of time to put it on hold. So i walked up to the counter and was checking out, the girls like how did you know that it was out already, We literally just stocked it when you called.I laughed and said oh i read on a nail polish blog that it was out. Shes all *shocked face* Nail polish blogs? i just laughed and said yeah nail polish blog. They're other people out there like me that are obsessed with nail polish. i kinda think she though i was crazy. oh well i got my fix.

I of-course wanted it to be that pretty milky-blue color that it looks like in the bottle. I tried, really tried, but no cigar. This is 3 coats, and me trying to blob the glitter on in some parts because i had some nails where i just couldn't get any on. Then there was that wicked VNL. i was not feeling it so off it went. My fiance said he liked it best like that. Men what do they know. haha.

so i layered it with2 coats Essie mint candy apple

I thought it turned out so pretty. So sweet looking. I just reallly loved it. I think i wore it for like 3 days or something a record. I just want to say thank you to the girls at A Polished Life, i would link you guys but i dont know how srry ;). I won an amazing giveaway!!! woo woo my first won!!! Nfu-oh #51 & Razzle Dazzle DL polish.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are you feeling Hot and Spicy?

I love white cap! Its so pretty. When i bought it, I thought Kaylan, i know you dont like VNL butttt, just tryyy it alone you can take it right off if you don't like it. That is Exactly what i did. I hated it Alone, it made my nails look dirty IRL and in the pictures. YUK!

I so saw many people layering with it, i thought i would try it. I wanted something that would pop, and look good with the gold shimmer-bling. I ended up with Opi's Hot and Spicy. i bought it in the summer for my birthday Pedi, and haven't picked it up scence. I wore bling dynasty on my nails and hated it. So i gave it to my Brothers GF at the time. She has olive skin and it would look way better on her. I was just getting into my "addiction" then.

I really liked it i thought it was so bling and HOT! haha No one liked it. My Fiance kept making comments about how ugly it was, haha. Ya win some ya lose some.

P.S.....Scope my give awayyyyyyyy YO