Monday, March 21, 2011

Royal Velvet

I saw the press release for the orly spring collections and was it was just mehhh. Nothing wowed me. Till i went to ulta and saw them in person. I knew i had to have Royal velvet! The purple-blue duo-chrome was calling to me!

Sorry for the shadows in my pics. I LA LA LA LA LOVE this. it was so pretty i got so many complements on it. I also got Fancy Fuchsia. I adore this dark purpleesk-blue. it flashes bluish in the sun. Although i dont exactly think spring on this one, i do still love it. I really love the fact that you can see the color in low light and it doesn't just look black. don't get me wrong its dark, but not black.

I got my computer back woo woo *happy dance*!!!! i just wanted to point out that this is my 50th post. I never thought i would make it this far. I have 32 followers and that just blows my mind! i wanna say thank you to everyone and who keeps encouraging me! wink wink Millie! i think i'll do something special on my 100th post, i know this is nothing compared to the amazing women's nail-polish blogs i read, but its still something special to me! I'm a work in progress, but again Thank You everyone of you!!!