Thursday, March 3, 2011

Glitter in the air

Long post and pic heavy

heres the bottle pic that i sent you millie! hahah i was sooo exited to get it. I had called ahead of time to put it on hold. So i walked up to the counter and was checking out, the girls like how did you know that it was out already, We literally just stocked it when you called.I laughed and said oh i read on a nail polish blog that it was out. Shes all *shocked face* Nail polish blogs? i just laughed and said yeah nail polish blog. They're other people out there like me that are obsessed with nail polish. i kinda think she though i was crazy. oh well i got my fix.

I of-course wanted it to be that pretty milky-blue color that it looks like in the bottle. I tried, really tried, but no cigar. This is 3 coats, and me trying to blob the glitter on in some parts because i had some nails where i just couldn't get any on. Then there was that wicked VNL. i was not feeling it so off it went. My fiance said he liked it best like that. Men what do they know. haha.

so i layered it with2 coats Essie mint candy apple

I thought it turned out so pretty. So sweet looking. I just reallly loved it. I think i wore it for like 3 days or something a record. I just want to say thank you to the girls at A Polished Life, i would link you guys but i dont know how srry ;). I won an amazing giveaway!!! woo woo my first won!!! Nfu-oh #51 & Razzle Dazzle DL polish.


  1. Aw too bad it didn't work well on its own. it's funny how something can be glittery in the bottle but then somehow the brush fails to transfer much of it to your nails. It looks cute over the Essie polish though!

  2. Great idea to layer it over another polish, it works very well like that :-) xx

  3. I wish I could afford this polish! I'm absolutely in love with it! Thanks for posting the pictures!