Friday, March 25, 2011

Laser Lime

I stalked the near by Sally's for the Tronica release! I called every other day. What can i say, I needed these with a passion! let me let you Sallys, That you need nicer employees. ON THE REAL. i got some snotty ass B's that gave me an attitude, but that off the point. I got really lucky and called the day they put them out. So i did what any nail polish addict would do. I packed my crew(the kids) up and drove there!

i don't know what it was about this greenish-yellow-yellow green Holo that i just love, who am i kidding i love green. its probably my favorite color for alot. including nail polish. i knew i had to get this on my fingas ASAP! My room growing up at my moms house was green and purple. i had this really pretty wall paper. so i kinda thought in my head oh maybe Fault line would look cool as an accent nail. Yeahhh, i dont love it but i do love laser lime. I did get almost all of the tron's exept the gold one...i have to pale of skin for most golds. plus i just don't like it. I cant wait till summers here and i can wear these and do it some justice.


  1. Oooooh man, great minds think alike, I'm wearing Laser Lime today! It's so pretty, right? I want to take some pictures but it's raining and miserable here today. :( Love LL on you!

    - Kirsten

  2. great minds do think alike! ;) and thank you i love DV8 on you! So pretty and holo. i've been eyeing it for a while!