Saturday, March 26, 2011

Starfish Patrick

hahaha, I thought this was funny. I never really got into the whole sponge Bob thing.

This is 3 coats of starfish patrick, and were in love. I normally hate VNL, but i give him a pass because he is peachy-orngeish greatness. When i first saw the sponge bob collection that RBL had out i only wanted purple haze and bikini bottom. both sold out. So I just skipped it, but as my love for nail polish has gotten out of control. I have opened my mind to colors I wouldn't normally go for. I had been lemming it for a few months and put starfish Patrick in and out of my cart a few times on the RBL website. When I spend 18$ on a nail polish I wanna know I reallly want it/love it. Then out of sheer luck Scandalous posted it in her blog sale and i ended up getting it at half the price. How amazing is that!!!!Thank you so much!!! And Square pants, i got my eye on you next. :)


  1. Lovely color. It´s on my wishlist for a long time...

  2. Thanks ladies! and Deborah i am gonna try and get to the post office on Monday to mail out your giveaway stuff! sorry its taken me so long!