Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are you feeling Hot and Spicy?

I love white cap! Its so pretty. When i bought it, I thought Kaylan, i know you dont like VNL butttt, just tryyy it alone you can take it right off if you don't like it. That is Exactly what i did. I hated it Alone, it made my nails look dirty IRL and in the pictures. YUK!

I so saw many people layering with it, i thought i would try it. I wanted something that would pop, and look good with the gold shimmer-bling. I ended up with Opi's Hot and Spicy. i bought it in the summer for my birthday Pedi, and haven't picked it up scence. I wore bling dynasty on my nails and hated it. So i gave it to my Brothers GF at the time. She has olive skin and it would look way better on her. I was just getting into my "addiction" then.

I really liked it i thought it was so bling and HOT! haha No one liked it. My Fiance kept making comments about how ugly it was, haha. Ya win some ya lose some.

P.S.....Scope my give awayyyyyyyy YO