Wednesday, January 26, 2011


i wanted to wear last friday night, but not by its self. 1. because im lazy and didnt want to wait for each coat to dry. 2. its so sheer!.So i went skimming threw my blue drawer and came up with 4 different blues that i thought would look good layered with it.

thumb-Opi Ogre the top blue, Pointer- Sally hansen Blew me away, Middle-China Glaze sex and the city, Ring-Opi dating a royal, Pinky Opi last friday night buy its self 1 layer.

I really liked them all but i went with...........

2 coats China Glaze sex in the City 1 coat last friday night. It's so pretty! like I'm swimming in a blue green sparkly ocean. It was just what i needed on this gray day in chitown! i really liked this combo, until.............

uh-uh china glaze no bueno!!!!! i do not like smurf nails! i have never had a polish stain my nails like this!! Not even blacks!. WTH! not a fan! and i really loved this color, it was so pretty. I used a base coat. ORLY bonder. This is a new base coat, I normally use the Opi bc. I dunno maybe it was that. whatever it was i don't like it. I pretty much keep my nails painted all the time and no one will see them but, I KNOW, there're stained under there and it just grosses me out!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

some Katy Perry for ya.....

"You don't have to feel like a waste of space, You're original, cannot be replaced, If you only knew what the future holds, After a hurricane comes a rainbow."
i love that song.

Not like the movies

This was really sheer, so i put 1 coat of RBL stormy underneath. I love this polish i kinda thought it was gonna be like Deborah Lippmann wicked game that purple/green duo chrome frost. Which i have the mini of. This is nothing like that. this one has some silver sparkle!! woo woo i love sparkles!

Teenage dream.

Its really pretty soft pink with a punch of holo glitter, and smaller silver glitter. Its kinda sheer, but its workable. this is 3 coats. I love it. I also love anything with holo gltter thou. haha

I bought the whole collection, including the shatter which i put over teenage dream and it was amazing...but i took it on my camera and its acting a fool right now, and wont connect to my computer.I might try the shatter over not like the movies, and snap a pic with my phone, right before i change it later today. we'll see how im feeling.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I had a great weekend! On friday night I took the train to the Chi with my bff Millie. We were going to the cheesecake factor for her step brothers Wills birthday. I loves him. Well we got down there a little early so we decided to go to water tower mall and do a lil shopping she was looking for a Mac pallet and I of course wanted to scope the scene. So we i went to Sephora and they had Illiamasqua!!!!!!! i was so exited!!! I asked the lady why the Sephora by me didn't have it, she said its the only one in the chicago that carries it. I really wanted Scorn Jo'Mamma, fern, and collide. I ended up with collied they didn't have fern or Scorn and i picked up Nars poker face a few weeks ago and that looked similar to jo'mama. So collide was the only one i got. My lucky day woo woo! I had plans with my good friend Racheal whos 5 months pregoo with her 2nd a lil girl :)....are first kids are exactly 2 months and 3 days apart. but any ways we planned on getting a Mani/Pedi then going to my favorite Japaneese steak house for dinner. I had orginally picked out RBL Under the stars for my mani and a china glaze neon purple for my toes from my own collection. That all changed whne we walked in and I started looking through the polished on the wall. I saw the chna glaze silver caps and picked them up an guess what it was??? OMG, DV8, LOL, l8ter g8ter, lets do it in 3d. i knew i had to get OMG on my hands. Then i picked DV8 for my toes....So when i was paying i asked if they would sell me lets do it in 3d it was full, and they had kaleidoscope him out fresh in the cabinet. I hadda scoop those up REAL QUICK. I was sooo exited!!!!! i dont think Racheal got it. hahaha we also ended are night with cold stone who doesn't love cold stone!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Ok i know these pictures are crappy...but all i have is my iphone :(...Im working on my camera fund. I took these wayyy b4 i reallly got in to my nail polish addiction. It was also when i couldn't paint for shizz. Which i still cant but practice practice practice, right?

This was my first holo polish. i guess its kinda old i dunno...i was just walking around at woodfield mall and i saw this little nail place, and the silver cap right away and asked if i could see it. I wasnt like super thrilled i kinda wished it was one of thoes pretty purple holos. I bought it anyway. Watever ya know it was pretty in the bottle.I'm just not a huge fan of brown nail polish. After i put it on, it's pretty pics don't do it justice. it gets some pretty awesome rainbows in the sun...i couldn't stop staring when i was driving. This was back in october so there was still sun here in chi-town.

Monday, January 17, 2011

There's is no place like home, There's is no place like home, There's no place like home.

China Glaze "Ruby Red Pumps"
This is the prettiest red jelly ever packed with sparkles!!!! Seriously though, i don't even like reds like that and i just love this! i wore this as my halloween mani. I was the sexy red queen. I had alot of fun with some of my fav's.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I love pearls and Chanel's Pearl Drop

let me just start off saying that i am not a fan of these kind of polishes. The "whitie pearly ones". This one has that same kind of whitie but it also has this amazing gold hue to it. Even though i dont think it looks that great on me because i am so pale, i LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

nail polish haul...

wooo wooo check em out! some of my Zoya, luna, kiki, and crystal. I was so exited for jo. i had been wanting it for a whilleeee. Because its my daughters middle name and my moms. spelled just like that too! i cant wait to bust out kiki this sunmer!
i let my fiance's friend pick out the color for my Mani tonight. i just couldn't decide.

He said crystal was his favorite. i do love her. Shes a very pretty sparkly blue, with gold glitter. i love blues. This applied really good.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dorothy who?

i love this sparkly blue!!!
its so pretty, china glaze did good.
i would still really love to have the c-c-c-courage. its one of my many lemmings!!

this mani is from a few months ago.
but i am reallly exited b/c i just bought the new channel's pearl drop and black pearl.
i had a gift card to Nieman Marcus so it was like Christmas in january.

p.s im in the market for a good ridge filler, anyone have any ideas?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Essie Mesmerise

i love this bright blue. My MIL got it for me for Christmas! it was really easy to apply, if i had a steady hand this maybe could have been a one coater. but i am not that good yet!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nars purple Rain

i love this purple! ahhhhh its so pretty, blue and red micro glitter but its is still a bright purple.. its so bright! love it. idid get bubles when applying it, i dunno why, i also got bubbles when i gave My brothers gf Kali a manicure with poker face. im not sure why. but i also dont care i still love both the polishes. Plus it was fate nordstrom only had 1 left! i also went for the poker face and they only had 1 left of that too!!!! woo woo. it was a successful trip!

these were my first Nars polishes. a lil pricey, but still under my limit.

who else splurges in Nars?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

no bueno

OPI pink of hearts and show it and glow it!

i bought the pink OPI on a looked pretty, and it is on someone else. it completely washed me out. so i added a coat of bling. better, still not my fav thou.

Monday, January 3, 2011


definition-to cause to be puzzled or bewildered over what is not understood or certain; confused.

heres my perplex story.....My soon to be mother-in-law bought the channel paradoxical she was in love with it so I borrowed it and was not impressed at all, in fact after i panted the mani then i immediately took it off. Thats how much i didn't like it. I honestly didn't understand what all the fuss was about. So then i started seeing the revlon dupe in the nail blogs i read. I thought maybe ill give it another chance if i ever see it. I was at a wallgreens like a week later and saw perplex, picked it up, and decided i was gonna pass. and out it back. hahah i could kick myself. haha

A month later i was on the hunt again i just wanted to see if i could find it. i swear i have been to ever store in my area that carries revlon. Ulta's, wallgreens, CVS, Meijer. everywhere. NO LUCK, i was beginning to get discouraged, and think that maybe the polish god were shunning me bc i had passes on it when i found it the first time. haha So on sunday i decided i wanted to go to ulta to see if they had the new katy perry OPI collection out yet. i knew it was probably a NO, but i figured i'd scope the revlon scene while i was there. I walk in and right in front they have some clearance bins....i start digging threw and I find Barielle Elle's Spell and Parlez-vous OPI. i really wanted ell's spell but i was not gonna pay the 8$ that ulta originally was 2.99 and the opi was 3.99 and its being discontinued so scoop it up if you find it. i also got a red china glaze that had some gold flecks i cant remember then name. so im mosing around the store almost done about to check out and then i remembered i wanted to look at the Revlon's, I walk over and i see this greyish purple lone ranger at the bottom of the display i pickit up and WHALLLLA its purplex! i about had a heart attack in ulta! the lady in the isle with me looked at me like i was CRASEY. so i had to tell her that i had been looking for a while. she came over and looked at my color, i dont think she was impessed. but either way i finally have it. its mine mine mine!

so i rush home because i am just feenin to put it on. and i remembered i have the worst nail polish on to remove my favorite none the less MAAH. so i was rushing the removal and didn't get it all. but i put on perplex anyway and i am in love!!! i like this better then the channel one i feel like this pulls more purple on me and the channel one pulled more tupeish. love love love.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

this is a blue hot topic polish with no name. and a coat of DS coronation. Which i really love! i just happen to stubble upon that at my local ulta.

I got it for christmas from my fiances sister in law. She got me a slewwww of polishes. yay Solange!! 3 hot topic ones 2 pinks and 1 blue. that like i said b4 have no name. which i think is like so dumb..but whatevs... then like 5 sally hansens 2 purples, a gun metal greyish blue, a kind of shrek green(that looks alot like who the shrek r u?, which i have too), and a light pinkish white that will most likley be not a fan of sheers. i for whatever reason can not stand VNL. it just annoys me. then my future mother in law gave me Zoya envy, a really bright Essie blue, and a bright Essie orange that is like border line actually reminds me of the community service workers vest. A Mega OPI nail polish remover that i can never find in any stores, that you have to order from the salon, and scene i am not a regular at any salon except mario to get my eyebrows and pitts done. i just normally go with out! so i was pretty pumped to open that!!!!hahah the little things.

i also went to mario on NYE to get my eyebrows done and saw that they had switched up there polishes from zoya to essie. whats up with that? so i asked the girl hey what happened to the Zoyas? she told me they discontinued them. Okay.
i was thinking in my head no they didn't you idiot, you clearly just switched brnads. but what did i expect the truth haha...i did pick up chinchilly. which I had been looking for-a while. either way im gonna miss the zoyas, they always had a good selection compared to the ultas in my area.

i am gonna try and swatch the purples and chinchilly soon.i just dont wanna take off my favorite MAAH mani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it so SparK-O-lisouS and im lovingggg it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as Mad As A Hatter"

its revlon not so blueberry as my base then 2 coast of MAAH. and then top coat!

Im not gonna lie, i think this MAAH is my Favorite polish ever!!! like ever ever. i dunno if it has anything to do with the fact that Johnny Depp is AU-MAZING or that this polish was the start of my "fall" down the polish/rabbit hole or maybe its just the polish. I knew when i bought this over the summer on ebay that i was gonna wear it on NYE, and covet it. i cant be using this polish when ever i want because i don't want waste it i legit love it that much!! OPI if you have any brains you will bring it backk!!!!!!! i ended up not doing anything, but i still love this mani sooo much....i dont know what is so special about it its just multi-colored glitter and a little on the thick side if i wanna be honest but i can get over that, b/c i LOVES it! I love it so much i bought the whole collection for the back up bottle of maah, but i also get absolutely alice, thanks so muchness and that other redish orngey that im gonna give my mom. not a huge fan of reds. thought their have been a few that ive contemplated enough rambling.

i hope next year is bigger and better then this year<3 Happy new year!

i took allot of pics! sorry there only crappy Iphone ones....