Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I bought this in the pre-order with Insouciant. I cant believe that they sold out already! CRAZY FAST!

Enlarge this and you can kinda see the multi-colored shimmer, kinda.

Go Sox! haha I could not capture this shimmer for the life of me! I took 8000 pictures, and still nothing. Its also kind of hard to see the shimmer IRL. you have to have your hands to your face to see it. I really wanted to love this one! buutt, its just meh. the formula of course applied like butter, like all of my RBL do. I just wish the shimmer popped a little more! it just looks like a black creme.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have said it before and i'll say it again. I was just not in to the matte finish when i first started getting in to nail polish. Now i just cant seem to get enough! I got this in the bogo sale. I also got phoebe, tanzy, and Mira . I wish i would have went with a different one then mira, because its a dupe to OPI's funkey-dunkey and I already have that, but Whatevs.

I had some issues with this polish. while i loveeee the yellowish-green color, i was not a fan of the unevenness. Its probably user error thou. I am really starting to get into the ugly-pretty colors. Especially the green ones. I killed a lemming for OPI At your Quebec and call. another one of those weird colors. but i do love it. I would do a base coat on this one even though its a matte, because i got mega staining and yellow cuticles too. the second picture is with a top coat i really do like it better without the top coat. but i thought it would even it out a little bit. I was thinking i might have to order lolly because i need the whole collection. Even though i just ordered Fuck off and dye by manglze. you can never have to much nail polish! <3

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fairy Berry...Ya dig?

I don't really do the essence, i mean dont' get me wrong some are pretty but its just not my thang. That is untill I saw the fairy tale collection.

I went to on of the Utas near me and they had some of them but not Humpty Dumpty, Of-course the one i really wanted. So i got Fairy berry, Pixie dust and once upon a time. I really loved this. Its a Plumish shimmer-foil. I love purples. Its my Fav! This super gorgeous! and i love it, and it was only 2$ you cant really beat that! I don't think I have ever even used a whole bottle of cnail polish. base and top coat, yes. But i did just get in to it. I went on a super mission to find " HD". i went to like 6 different Ultas-nada. Until i went back to my regular one last week and bam it was there and it was the last one. I was also with my 20 month old daughter and 4 year old son who was pushing the stroller/reeking havoc. I made the Hugest mistake of letting her hold it, b/c i wanted to keep her quite hahah im an idiot. As were checking out she whips it. and it breaks. I was so sad/embarrassed! she got nail polish alll over. I should have never let her hold it. *slaps head* but i think it just not meant to be.

I haven't really gotten my crackle on in a while so i threw on Crushed candy, and loved it! I think this was such a great combo. don't mind my thumb i nicked it. BUUUUTT what do you guys think? I think Might do some kind of gold/purple crackle next im not tooo sure. I just got some new butter London's I'm prettttty pumped that their at ulta now!! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gemma darling, you are beautiful!

I didn't order any of these from the zoya website because 1. they went up a dollar. and i didn't want to pay shipping if i didn't have too. 2. i really wanted to see them in person. I knew i wanted Gemma either way but still i waited, and waited and waited until finally my ulta had them! Even if it was all late about it.

Ignore my peeley nail. i cant seem to get rid of it. anyone have any suggestions?

I wore green nail polish the whole week of St.Patrick's day. This was my first and i must say, Shes a beauty! I don't know if i have said this before but i love that Zoya names their nail polish women's names. (Can we get a Kaylan.) i love that blue flash! IMO thats what makes this so pretty. I don't know if i would have picked this murky/dusty green up otherwise. The blue pulled me in! Its weird, I love the color green in real life and i wear a lot of it But i don't really own green cremes. Green glitter thou, thats a whole nother ball game! I know this is not a true creme , cause it has a slight blue shimmer blah blah blah. I guess i just haven't fallen in love with green nail polish as much as i thought i was going to. whateves i have enough purples and blues to make up for the lack of greens haha. All in all thou this is a great green!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

oh my GOSH! I am in LOVE!

When i started reading nail polish blogs, this was one of my first lemmings. Like i really needed it! So i took the plunge and ordered it off Ebay in February. and probably paid way to much. BUUUTTT totally worth it!

I'm sorry i haven't posted in a while. My fiances grandmother passed away and she lived in kentucky. So we left my Wednesday morning at 5AM. left my 18 month old with my mom and took my 3 almost 4 yr old with. It was different to say the lease. Her funereal was in a holler. a town/county in a mountain. i don't know if any of you have ever been to "the Hills" aka the Appalachian mountains. But they are beautiful. No cell or internet connection thou. It was a 10 hour drive there, we went straight to the wake, ate then went to bed, woke up a little early so i could hit up the dollar stores and wallmart.(i came up with nothing). then a !0 hr drive back. plus the 45 miles from the hotel to the Holler each day. A lotta driving. I was glad i was there for my STBMIL. She only has son's and guys just don't understand emotions that women do. but enough babbling, Im sorry for my absence!

So Gosh Holographic makes me speechless! I lalalalalalalalalala LOVE IT. i mean my fingers were shooting rainbows left and right! i couldn't stop staring. It looks just silver until the sun come out. Seriously one of my best purchase's everrr! I need a back up! i took alotta pictures, So i spared you on all of them. but enlarge and check out that linear Holo. AHHH its so pretty.

Monday, April 4, 2011

lava Finga's

Thats what my Bestie said this mani looks like. Hot lava

i tried to catch the yellowish-green-orange flakey's floating around but it just wasn't happening.

This is 2 coats of wet n wild orange and then 2 coats of Nfu-ohs #48. Which i love. It transforms any nail polish into flakey goodness. I have really been craving oranges and yellows. I'm not sure why its not like they look good on me. but there is just something about weird colors that draws me in! I have been on the shatter/crackle train now for a while. So its only fitting to throw a coat of that on as well. and WALA-lava fingas!

Friday, April 1, 2011

No room for the blues, for Autism awareness month.

Ignore my greenish-yellow cuticles, thank you Zoya Mitzi. My my nails are so short, i broke one and then had to cut them all. you know how it goes.

I was on twitter the past few days and Color Coated had mentioned that April was Autism awareness month, and asked if we wanted to do something in support of it. Of course i jumped on that! My little cousin was diagnosed this past year. So Im all about supporting him in any way I can. This is OPI No room for the blues that i got at ulta for cheap. 2.99 woot woot. i love blue. i think its so pretty. It was a lil streaky, but i can deal.