Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have said it before and i'll say it again. I was just not in to the matte finish when i first started getting in to nail polish. Now i just cant seem to get enough! I got this in the bogo sale. I also got phoebe, tanzy, and Mira . I wish i would have went with a different one then mira, because its a dupe to OPI's funkey-dunkey and I already have that, but Whatevs.

I had some issues with this polish. while i loveeee the yellowish-green color, i was not a fan of the unevenness. Its probably user error thou. I am really starting to get into the ugly-pretty colors. Especially the green ones. I killed a lemming for OPI At your Quebec and call. another one of those weird colors. but i do love it. I would do a base coat on this one even though its a matte, because i got mega staining and yellow cuticles too. the second picture is with a top coat i really do like it better without the top coat. but i thought it would even it out a little bit. I was thinking i might have to order lolly because i need the whole collection. Even though i just ordered Fuck off and dye by manglze. you can never have to much nail polish! <3

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