Friday, April 1, 2011

No room for the blues, for Autism awareness month.

Ignore my greenish-yellow cuticles, thank you Zoya Mitzi. My my nails are so short, i broke one and then had to cut them all. you know how it goes.

I was on twitter the past few days and Color Coated had mentioned that April was Autism awareness month, and asked if we wanted to do something in support of it. Of course i jumped on that! My little cousin was diagnosed this past year. So Im all about supporting him in any way I can. This is OPI No room for the blues that i got at ulta for cheap. 2.99 woot woot. i love blue. i think its so pretty. It was a lil streaky, but i can deal.


  1. It's cool your supporting the Autism Awareness month! And this is a beautiful color to do so.

  2. I'm totally lovin' this blue! Thank you so much for joining in and supporting the cause! :)