Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fairy Berry...Ya dig?

I don't really do the essence, i mean dont' get me wrong some are pretty but its just not my thang. That is untill I saw the fairy tale collection.

I went to on of the Utas near me and they had some of them but not Humpty Dumpty, Of-course the one i really wanted. So i got Fairy berry, Pixie dust and once upon a time. I really loved this. Its a Plumish shimmer-foil. I love purples. Its my Fav! This super gorgeous! and i love it, and it was only 2$ you cant really beat that! I don't think I have ever even used a whole bottle of cnail polish. base and top coat, yes. But i did just get in to it. I went on a super mission to find " HD". i went to like 6 different Ultas-nada. Until i went back to my regular one last week and bam it was there and it was the last one. I was also with my 20 month old daughter and 4 year old son who was pushing the stroller/reeking havoc. I made the Hugest mistake of letting her hold it, b/c i wanted to keep her quite hahah im an idiot. As were checking out she whips it. and it breaks. I was so sad/embarrassed! she got nail polish alll over. I should have never let her hold it. *slaps head* but i think it just not meant to be.

I haven't really gotten my crackle on in a while so i threw on Crushed candy, and loved it! I think this was such a great combo. don't mind my thumb i nicked it. BUUUUTT what do you guys think? I think Might do some kind of gold/purple crackle next im not tooo sure. I just got some new butter London's I'm prettttty pumped that their at ulta now!! :)

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