Sunday, January 2, 2011

this is a blue hot topic polish with no name. and a coat of DS coronation. Which i really love! i just happen to stubble upon that at my local ulta.

I got it for christmas from my fiances sister in law. She got me a slewwww of polishes. yay Solange!! 3 hot topic ones 2 pinks and 1 blue. that like i said b4 have no name. which i think is like so dumb..but whatevs... then like 5 sally hansens 2 purples, a gun metal greyish blue, a kind of shrek green(that looks alot like who the shrek r u?, which i have too), and a light pinkish white that will most likley be not a fan of sheers. i for whatever reason can not stand VNL. it just annoys me. then my future mother in law gave me Zoya envy, a really bright Essie blue, and a bright Essie orange that is like border line actually reminds me of the community service workers vest. A Mega OPI nail polish remover that i can never find in any stores, that you have to order from the salon, and scene i am not a regular at any salon except mario to get my eyebrows and pitts done. i just normally go with out! so i was pretty pumped to open that!!!!hahah the little things.

i also went to mario on NYE to get my eyebrows done and saw that they had switched up there polishes from zoya to essie. whats up with that? so i asked the girl hey what happened to the Zoyas? she told me they discontinued them. Okay.
i was thinking in my head no they didn't you idiot, you clearly just switched brnads. but what did i expect the truth haha...i did pick up chinchilly. which I had been looking for-a while. either way im gonna miss the zoyas, they always had a good selection compared to the ultas in my area.

i am gonna try and swatch the purples and chinchilly soon.i just dont wanna take off my favorite MAAH mani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it so SparK-O-lisouS and im lovingggg it.

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