Wednesday, January 26, 2011


i wanted to wear last friday night, but not by its self. 1. because im lazy and didnt want to wait for each coat to dry. 2. its so sheer!.So i went skimming threw my blue drawer and came up with 4 different blues that i thought would look good layered with it.

thumb-Opi Ogre the top blue, Pointer- Sally hansen Blew me away, Middle-China Glaze sex and the city, Ring-Opi dating a royal, Pinky Opi last friday night buy its self 1 layer.

I really liked them all but i went with...........

2 coats China Glaze sex in the City 1 coat last friday night. It's so pretty! like I'm swimming in a blue green sparkly ocean. It was just what i needed on this gray day in chitown! i really liked this combo, until.............

uh-uh china glaze no bueno!!!!! i do not like smurf nails! i have never had a polish stain my nails like this!! Not even blacks!. WTH! not a fan! and i really loved this color, it was so pretty. I used a base coat. ORLY bonder. This is a new base coat, I normally use the Opi bc. I dunno maybe it was that. whatever it was i don't like it. I pretty much keep my nails painted all the time and no one will see them but, I KNOW, there're stained under there and it just grosses me out!

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