Sunday, January 23, 2011


I had a great weekend! On friday night I took the train to the Chi with my bff Millie. We were going to the cheesecake factor for her step brothers Wills birthday. I loves him. Well we got down there a little early so we decided to go to water tower mall and do a lil shopping she was looking for a Mac pallet and I of course wanted to scope the scene. So we i went to Sephora and they had Illiamasqua!!!!!!! i was so exited!!! I asked the lady why the Sephora by me didn't have it, she said its the only one in the chicago that carries it. I really wanted Scorn Jo'Mamma, fern, and collide. I ended up with collied they didn't have fern or Scorn and i picked up Nars poker face a few weeks ago and that looked similar to jo'mama. So collide was the only one i got. My lucky day woo woo! I had plans with my good friend Racheal whos 5 months pregoo with her 2nd a lil girl :)....are first kids are exactly 2 months and 3 days apart. but any ways we planned on getting a Mani/Pedi then going to my favorite Japaneese steak house for dinner. I had orginally picked out RBL Under the stars for my mani and a china glaze neon purple for my toes from my own collection. That all changed whne we walked in and I started looking through the polished on the wall. I saw the chna glaze silver caps and picked them up an guess what it was??? OMG, DV8, LOL, l8ter g8ter, lets do it in 3d. i knew i had to get OMG on my hands. Then i picked DV8 for my toes....So when i was paying i asked if they would sell me lets do it in 3d it was full, and they had kaleidoscope him out fresh in the cabinet. I hadda scoop those up REAL QUICK. I was sooo exited!!!!! i dont think Racheal got it. hahaha we also ended are night with cold stone who doesn't love cold stone!!!!

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