Saturday, January 22, 2011


Ok i know these pictures are crappy...but all i have is my iphone :(...Im working on my camera fund. I took these wayyy b4 i reallly got in to my nail polish addiction. It was also when i couldn't paint for shizz. Which i still cant but practice practice practice, right?

This was my first holo polish. i guess its kinda old i dunno...i was just walking around at woodfield mall and i saw this little nail place, and the silver cap right away and asked if i could see it. I wasnt like super thrilled i kinda wished it was one of thoes pretty purple holos. I bought it anyway. Watever ya know it was pretty in the bottle.I'm just not a huge fan of brown nail polish. After i put it on, it's pretty pics don't do it justice. it gets some pretty awesome rainbows in the sun...i couldn't stop staring when i was driving. This was back in october so there was still sun here in chi-town.

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