Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Borghese Menta FAIL

I picked this up from ulta a while ago on a whim. I liked the minty green color i kind of have a weakness for greens, and i didnt have any Borghese polishes.

i am not gonna lie. This application suckkked! This is 3 coats and there are bald spots left and right. i just couldn't handle it. I took it off right after the pictures. I should have waited longer between coats, So Its probably just user error. I might give this one another chance, because i really love this color, and i paid 8 bucks! Maybe next time no base coat? I know its suppose to be all in one, but i get nervous with no base coat.

I also received so much nail mail over the weekend! I ordered some Nfu-Oh's, Manglaze, Scandalous Blog sale stuff, and i also got the giveaway stuff i won!!(thanks again, A polished life). Woo im so exited. Getting nail mail just brightens your day! :)

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