Wednesday, March 9, 2011

some blue spam for ya.....

I just thought i'd spam you with some blue polishes i love! On the nails of some people i love! Katie and Niki

Opi Orgre the top blue. love it! its bright its blue, whats not to love!

I dunno how well you can see it, but this is Opi Catch me in your net. I found this color at a nail salon and had to have it. This was my staple color this past summer, I wore it alot! Its just an amazing shimmer/glitter. I also put this on my baby girl's toes.

This is DL Across the Universe. I adore this polish! its ike your swimming in a dark blue ocean with pices of green and lighter blue hex glitters floating around. My camera wouldnt not pick up the awesomeness of this nail polish.

last but not least Milani Blue flash. Its really pretty, really gritty Bluish/silvery glitter. I was in a straight mission to find all of these! I ended up with all of em but the red.My meyer just didn't have it.

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