Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Come on ride the train hey, ride it, woo woo"

I am not a huge fan of yellow nail polish on me it just looks dirty. However I have really pale skin. OPI Fiercely Fiona Is one of the only yellows i own, the other is a sally hansen one i got for christmas. I actually didn't think it was that bad. It was not streaky at all, 2 easy coats.In the summer with a lil tan. It could work. But i had plans for this mani! Oh yes i had BIg plans. :)

i LOVE this. i cant express to you how much i love this. Its Cracked Concrete over FF. i like yellow and gray together. In pretty much anything cloths, socks, pillows paint. haha you get the drift I like yellow and gray. I have a really cute cardigan from express that is neon yellow and gray. Love it!

Off topic: I Had went to my sally and asked the girl if they were gonna get the crackles in. She told me probably not, but to call on march first. I asked if she could call me when they came in or put me on a list, she said no they don't do that. Ok fine. So i got a coupon and went in the middle of February and bam there was the crackle display completely effin EMPTY! UM excuse me! i was reallllly irritated. So i called 2 ultas from the car to see if they had them in. Hallelujah, I found them all! Either way my sally's is annoying this is not the only time they pulled this crap-ola either.

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  1. I love it too!!!!! I might have to be a copy cat ;) I have a few yellows as well as the Cracked Concrete! Thanks for the idea ;)