Friday, March 11, 2011

"Di di mau" (pronounced "diddy mow") is Vietnamese for "go, go quickly" or "get out of here".

I just googled diddy mow to see what would come up, and ^^that is one of the things that came up, i thought it was pretty cool title. Im a nerd.

Diddy Mow....I really enjoy those weird/ugly colors. Not that i think Diddy mow is ugly, actually i think its Gorgeous! It's got this secret shimmer and the armyesk green color just woooed me, and it applied so well! Winner winner chicken dinner!

My camera would not pick up the shimmer, but its still AU-MAZING. i promise.

i bought this in November when RBL had the 50% sale. I also got pepto pink, under the stars, Recycle, and Stormy. I hope she does the sale again b/c there are some other ones that i want, and its just such a steal. Even thou i missed out on bikini Bottom. I also pre ordered 2 of the spring colors Iconoclast and Insouciant, which i am super pumped about! but thats getting off topic...ohhh diddy, i really do love you. I believe im going to bust you out more this spring i promise. i don't know what it is about RBL, i just really love some of the colors. This one just does it for me. its almost like a dusty olive. i am terrible at describing colors.

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