Sunday, February 6, 2011

Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow

Its super bowl sunday! Steelers VS Packers! GOO Pack! woo woo! actually Im both a bears fan an a packers fan. My grandpa on my Dad's side are Green Bay fan so i kinda grew up liking them. Then i got a little older and i jumped on the Bears bandwagon.haha everyone i know and their mom is a bears fan. by me. in all honesty i like both teams i could go either way, and since the packers are in the super bowl, go pack!

Enough chatter....On to the Stickers. haha i bought those Sally Hansen nail stickers in zebra print. i really like them the application was pretty easy, and if i can do it you can too. i am not very good at cutting things. its always crooked. but i did relatively well with these.

i also bought the flower ones, and i am for sure gonna go back and get the chetah, houndstooth and maybe one other one, there so cute!

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