Saturday, February 12, 2011

Turks & Caicos

I bought this b/c i was on the search for the "Tffany blue". Its pretty close,I went threw a lil bit of a Tiffany's phase and it looks to my that the color varies from box to box. Some boxes are bluer, where others are greener. plus i think Tiffany's patented the color. Mehh either way. this is an amazing polish! I love the color.

I also bought china glaze for audrey. i haven't worn it yet. i should get on that. heres a lil piece of turks & Caicos. i wanna be on a white sandy beach drink in hand!

I have decided that if i get 50 followers i'll do a give away!!!! I've been gathering a few things for it so lets dooo it!

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